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Director, Writer, Producer

A short film about today’s American job burnout, told through the lens of a 12-year-old workaholic who hits her breaking point after a harrowing afternoon of delivering newspapers.

Watch the trailer below or on Vimeo.

Premiered at the 42nd Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival in April 2023. Finalist at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. Winner, Los Angeles Film Awards 2023.


Co-writer & Editor Ziggy Rom
Director of Photography Kellen Witschen
Original Score Composed Peter Lansky
Art Director & Design Veronica Kraus
Starring Kate Sanchez, Leo Cowley, Rick Lamers
Sound Design Kevin McHugh
Assistant Director Nick Christopulos
First AC Sophie Mayhew
Gaffer Curtis Craven
Production Assistant Brian Few
Costumes Allegra St. Clair
Set Photographers Alex Horner & Brian Few

Poster Design by Veronica Kraus


Creative Director / Director