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Creative Direction & Brand Design

Teens today have a lot to worry about, but one of those things shouldn’t be whether their cleanser is burning off their skin or whether their crush can use their forehead as a mirror. Now they have Bubble, new school skincare fixing old school skincare problems.

Working closely with Founder/CEO Shai Eisenman and copywriter/strategist Zee Carlstrom, Lindsay created the branding and creative platform in 2020. From then until Dec 2022, she led all creative efforts across the company from packaging design to retail displays, social media, website design, digital marketing, product launch campaigns, and retail launch campaigns in Walmart and Ulta.


Writer/Strategist Zee Carlstrom

Designers Sarah Ray, Natalie Heisterkamp, Timia Lewis, Morgan Light

Photographers Ryan Duffin (product), Julia Chesky (Super Clear lifestyle), Aaron Rice (Justin Jefferson)


Creative Director / Director